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A statistical look and discussion of weather recorded for Castle Rock Colorado. This information was collected and recorded via my weather station in the Meadows in the town of Castle Rock. It is in no way an “official” record, just simply what was recorded by my station.

January, 2015


January finished out relatively normal in most regards. The mean temperature finished just slightly below average and total precipitation finished slightly below average. These numbers are pretty typical as January is commonly a cooler and drier month for the front range of Colorado.


February, 2015



Typically February is one of the quieter months along the front range of Colorado. This month is no stranger to wild temperature swings and drier periods with smaller chances of snow. Surprisingly, despite some much warmer than average temperatures to start the month (look at those 60’s and 70’s!) the month finished well below average overall.

Precipitation finished above average as well. This is not too difficult to acheive as February is notoriously one of our drier winter months. The above average precip was mostly due to a large snowstorm that impacted the front range in the latter half of the month. This was surprisingly mainly because we very rarely see large snow storms in Colorado during the month of February, especially along the front range.

March, 2015



March is often a month of huge transition in our weather and March 2015 was no exception. We saw temperatures range from -1 on the morning of March 5, to nearly 80 degrees on March 15. We saw a lot of cold temperatures but the second half of the month really heated up and featured consistent temperatures in the 70’s to near 80! The mean temperature finished just above 3 degrees over average!

March 2015 did not feature a ton of rainy days, but on the days it did rain, we received very healthy amounts. Some of this was snowfall as well. We were able to finish just slightly above average at 0.81 inches total for the month. I’d expect with a stronger El Nino establishing, we shoudl see our wet and warm weather continue into spring.


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