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Castle Rock November 2017 Weather Summary

Castle Rock Weather Summary The highlights of this month were definitely the sunsets caused by strong westerly flow aloft along the front range and over Castle Rock. It seems nearly every night we were treated to amazing pinks, purples and reds in the mountain wave clouds that hung over the front range. These clouds are …

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Castle Rock October 2017 Weather Summary

Castle Rock Weather | Castle Rock Co Weather | 80109 weather | 80108 Weather | October 2017 Weather Summary

Castle Rock Weather Summary Mountain Wave Weather has moved as of the middle of October so our weather station in Castle Rock is no longer operational. The good news is that we still have a great network of personal weather stations to pull data from (we make sure only to use the most reliable and …

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Castle Rock & Colorado September 2017 Weather Recap

Castle Rock Weather | September 2017 Weather Recap | Castle Rock Weather Highlights

General Summary September 2017 finished up very close to average in many aspects for the month, but if you took that at face value you wouldn’t get the complete picture of how the month actually went. The month of September is historically a bit drier, calmer with warm sunny days and cool crisp nights. We …

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Castle Rock August 2017 Weather Recap

Palmer Divide | Departure from normal Precipitation | Rainfall August 2017

General Summary August 2017 was  a mixed bag for Colorado in terms of continuing the monsoon pattern. Some areas continued to see rain and thunderstorms while others were left a bit high and dry. In Castle Rock for example, whether you saw above or below average rainfall depended on what side of I-25 you lived …

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Castle Rock July 2017 Weather Recap

General Summary July 2017 saw the return of monsoon season in full force for some areas of Colorado while others were left high and dry! Most of the Palmer Divide Region received a ton of rain, mainly in the second half of the month. Here’s the observed 30 day total through July 2017 from the …

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Castle Rock June 2017 Weather Recap

Summary We’ll be honest, June 2017 turned out quite a bit different from what we expecting for some areas of the forecast. While we expected the temperatures to be above average, we were thinking they’d only be slightly so; in reality they finished quite a bit above average. The other story was the precipitation… coming …

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Cool and Wet May Kicks Castle Rock Area Out of Drought Status

Colorado Drought | Colorado Weather Statistics

To see the entire climate summary for May including day-by-day weather stats collected from our weather station, click here! May 2017 lived up to what we expect in a Colorado spring, it was a rollercoaster ride that featured everything from a late season snowstorm to damaging baseball sized hail hitting the Northwestern parts of Denver. …

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April Was Warm but Snowy – Castle Rock April 2017 Climate Summary

Castle Rock Climate Summary, Snow Tracker, April 2017

Summary April 2017 finished as a warm and wet month in terms of snowfall, but dry month in terms of overall precipitation. How does something like that happen? While we saw decent snowfall in the first and last part of the month, it was quite dry in the middle part of the month with very …

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Colorado Records Warmest March Ever, How Did Castle Rock Do?

March 2017 Castle Rock Colorado Weather

Summary As we move into March the region moves into one of the more interesting time periods of the year for weather. March begins the season meteorological spring, this season is characterized by huge swings in temperatures, snow storms, ice storms, hail, tornadoes and everything in between. The Castle Rock area experienced some interesting weather …

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February 2017 Castle Rock Weather Recap

Summary February is historically one of our drier winter months and is no stranger to huge swings in temperature. We often see warm sunny days in the 50’s and 60’s along the front range aided by strong downslope winds. We saw all of these features in February 2017 but toward the extreme end of temperature …

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