Storm Chasing

About Us

John R. Braddock   Storm Chaser/Meteorologist John has been interested in weather since he was 6 years old, this interest spurred by many high profile severe weather events in and around Denver in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Most of his early days were spent watching the Weather Channel religiously and a large library of Storm …

Our Goals

We at Mountain Wave Weather are small group passionate about weather. Through our storm chasing and media presence we hope to always adhere to and accomplish the following: Document severe weather in a way we can share with the general public to enhance safety and awareness. Engage and educate the public in any way possible. …


2016 Season This year will be busy for us, mainly we want to get out there more but we are also working on software and data recording systems. We hope to have a very early prototype to use as testing this year which will integrate a mobile weather station on top of a vehicle and …

2015 Season

Detailed Storm Chase Statistics (MWAVWX) Total Miles Traveled 971 Total Chase Days 3 States Visited 2 Colorado, Kansas Thunderstorms Observed 8 Supercells Observed 4 Funnel Clouds Observed 1 Tornadoes Observed 0  

2016 Season

Detailed Storm Chase Statistics (MWAVWX) Total Miles Traveled 896 Total Chase Days 1 States Visited 2 Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas Thunderstorms Observed 3 Supercells Observed 3 Funnel Clouds Observed 5 Tornadoes Observed 3