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John R. Braddock


Storm Chaser/Meteorologist

John has been interested in weather since he was 6 years old, this interest spurred by many high profile severe weather events in and around Denver in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Most of his early days were spent watching the Weather Channel religiously and a large library of Storm Chaser videos on VHS (including from Veteran Storm Chasers Roger Hill and Tim Samaras.)

John attended Colorado State University and graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science (Computing Technology.) While in school, John took several atmospheric science classes, attended  several meteorology laboratories and even got the chance to launch his first Weather balloon. In his final year at CSU he loosely storm chased with a group assisting Dr. Steven Rutledge with photos to match radar scans from the CHILL facility in Greeley, Colorado.

John’s specialty is radar meteorology, mesoscale meteorology and severe weather. He is also very familiar with atmospheric dynamics in and around mountainous areas including mountain waves, clear air turbulance, winter storms and terrain induced weather phenomena. Some goals he has for the future are to improve his medium term and long term forecasting using climate modeling and mesoscale modeling.

John is often found storm chasing in Colorado from April through August and hopes to build his media presence next year to share the wonder of weather with everyone he can.