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Apr 16

4/16/2018 – The Week Ahead: Fire and Ice!

The week ahead looks to feature more classic Colorado Spring weather for many areas of the state and the Palmer Divide will be no exception. As the week starts off relatively quiet, our fire concerns will begin to creep back in again, but a lot of folks will enjoy the warm temperatures. The bad news …

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Jan 11

Drought Status Worsens in Colorado as Dry Conditions Continue

Colorado Weather | Drought Status January 2018 | US Drought Status

Despite a quick hitting storm that brought beneficial rain to the plains and a bit of snow and ice to some areas along the Palmer Divide, it simply wasn’t enough to make a dent in our longer term dry conditions. We will need several more storms with much more moisture and longer durations if we …

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Oct 30

How We Get Freezing Rain and Freezing Fog

  What The Heck is Freezing Precipitation and How Does It Happen? Most areas near the mountains along the front range do not experience freezing precipitation too often, the reason being is that most often our atmospheric conditions are not conducive to such things. You’ll notice in the image above how we can get certain …

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Sep 14

First Snow-Related Weather Warnings Issued North of Colorado

Some of the first Winter related Weather Warnings and Advisories are up for Wyoming and Montana this afternoon lasting into the weekend. Some areas stand to see their first significant snowfall and some areas over higher elevations may see 5-10 inches worth of accumulation! So why the big deal for us in Colorado? The reason …

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Jun 28

Warm, Dry June Prompting Fire Concerns

You’ve no doubt noticed the abnormally warm and unusually dry month of June we’ve experienced so far in many places along the front range. Some areas have seen thunderstorms with beneficial rain, but that has been the exception, rather than the norm this month. You can see many of the areas along the front range …

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Apr 19

Severe Weather Awareness Week – Castle Rock and Palmer Divide

Severe weather season is about to kick off in Colorado, we generally begin to see an uptick in severe weather events by mid to late April in and around Castle Rock. This uptick continues through May and peaks in the first week or two of June, followed by a steady drop-off into July and August. …

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Apr 14

Meteorological Awareness – Types of Thunderstorms

In our previous article we talked about the life-cycle of a thunderstorm and some of the ingredients necessary for them to form. Today we take a look at the different types of thunderstorms that form and what types of threats they can being as we continue our spring series on thunderstorms and severe weather! Single …

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Apr 11

Severe Weather Season Right Around the Corner

While the weather looks relatively quiet around Castle Rock and surrounding areas, we can’t ignore that the temperatures are beginning to warm and the weather pattern is beginning to change. As we transition later into spring we begin to see thunderstorms enter the picture once again and with the increased heat, moisture at the surface …

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Apr 03

Storm Chasers Honor Fallen Today in Colorado

Storm chasers from across the country are banding together today to honor one of their own. Corbin Lee Jaeger, 25, was killed in a tragic collision with two other storm chasers outside of Spur, Texas. Preliminary reports suggest that the other vehicle–containing Kelley Williamson and Randy Yarnall of Missouri, contracted by The Weather Channel–ran a stop …

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Feb 13

Castle Rock Weather – The Palmer Divide Part 1

I sent out a request awhile back asking folks who follow my page for cool and interesting weather topics to talk about since our weather looks quite for most of February. With no significant storm systems on the radar, this is an excellent opportunity to share what makes Colorado weather so interesting and how things in and …

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